Sunday, March 2, 2014

What I do. Information in English.

English is my second language. I do my best.

Here is a little comix I have made trying to explain my project.

Here are a couple of photos for documentation of the process:

What do you think? Does this seem interesting?
I would love to hear from you!


  1. Shut up and take my money! Seriously, I would definitely pay for a set of the terrain hexes if they were printed on that cardboard stuff.

  2. The hexes look interesting. I have explored the idea a number of times myself but have not gone very far with it. Looking forward to seeing more of your project(s).

  3. bla bla bla cool thing i want bla bla bla other cool things i want bla bla, where can i... dunno? download? bought? eat?

    1. Sir! There are about 45 hex tiles in high resolution uploaded to this blog for you to download, print and use for play. That should be enough for you to test them. Send me feedback if you do.

      You could easily scale them for your purposes. I have a print out that is 17cm wide (original size), and another that is 8cm wide. I have mounted them on 150mgr card board and laminated them. This way they are sturdy, and I can make notes on them with a "whiteboard marker", and wipe clean after use.

      blablabla greets back blablabla