Monday, June 8, 2015

From the Vault of Dusty Old Drawings II.

Are you having trouble with eradicating the Insurgents?
Are those Rebels raising hell with your Regulars?
Do you need something to compliment your Infantry?

Well, then it´s about time to field the Heavy Hitters!

Regulator Class Steam APC w/ Vagant G and his Loyal Crew

Cutting Edge Class APC w/ Mechanized Infantry
Ballistic Tornado Class w/ Techies and Grunts

Quick Crawler Scout Class w/ Tactical Techies

Quick Crawler Suppressor Class w/ Imperial Assault Marines

Sunday, June 7, 2015

From the Vault of Dusty Old Drawings.

I was flicking through some folders of old illustrations in search for images to acompany my more recent writings, and came across this collection of (quite sloppy) character templates made for a demo game i playtested at the Regncon convention i Bergen a few years ago. I was stil working in norwegian at that time, but the images should speak for themselves, and feel free to let your imagination fill in the blanks. Just to help your narrative along here is a possible set up: Imagine this as a convoy crawling along the rural dirt roads of the modular hex tiles presented in earlier post on this blog. 
As a commander of these forces, in which order would you line up these vehicles?
As a insurgency guerilla fighter, how would you go about stopping this convoy?

Dedicated Transport for General Glen Gibson Platoon Leader
Troop Transport 1
Easy Company Squad Leader A1 

Easy Company Fire Team A1 "The Naked"

Easy Company Fire Team A2 "The Dead"
Easy Company Attachment KS1
Troop Transport 2

Easy Company Squad Leader A2

Easy Company Fire Team A3 "The Miserable"

Easy Company Fire Team A4 "The Ordinary"
Easy Company Attachment BZ1
Equipment Transport & Combat Chef 

Tech Transport w/ Steam Beam Turent

Experimental Steam Mech "Panzer Beatle"  w/ Engineer Crew
Fuel Transport with Steam Lord "King Coal" & Crew

Let me know if this post was interesting and if you would like to see more Dusty Old Drawings from the Vault.